I. The use of studio and its equipments are bound by this Terms and Conditions (TOS)

  1. By renting at StudioMakati, client agrees to abide by this terms and conditions.
  2. Client should protect the equipments from any harmful circumstances that might break a part or full of its equipments and devices.
  3. Client should not use the studio to promote hatred and other unacceptible behavior to the general public.
  4. StudioMakati should not be held liable to any misfortunes of its clients due to situations beyond the control of StudioMakati.
  5. StudioMakati should not be the liable party if in case the equipment being rented has malfuntion before or in the middle of the event.

II. About the email

1. Use of email is a privilege granted to selected individuals. has the right to revoke this privilege without any reason(s).
2. The privilege individual should be a bonafide member or customer of Bonafide member means it should have at least 5 hour rental per month. Otherwise, the email will be deleted without any advise.
3. The email should not be used as photo or file storage. has the right to delete files and email without any advise to save space in the server.
4. The privilege user should not use the email to harm any individual. The user is freeing and its owners from any liability arising from misuse of the user.