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Photoshoot Tips

There are several photographers nowadays because SLR camera prices are going down. The question is: How will you seperate yourself from the rest of the photographers?

Follow our advice below and you will surely be seperated from the others:

1. Shoot using ISO 100. Very few studio in Metro Manila can shoot using ISO 100. Lower ISO means more detail and clearer pictures. It has almost no noise at all, just your subject. StudioMakati's structure was designed from the very first to achieve ISO 100.

2. Correct color of the studio's interior paint. Make sure the studio that you are renting is using the correct white color and it is calibrated using SLR. StudioMakati's white wall is calibrated to produce true-white on SLRs.

3. Seamless white from top to bottom. It is very important that your studio's backdrop is seamless from top to the flooring. StudioMakati's backdrop is seamless 100%.

4. Use umbrella instead of reflector. The studio owner should allow you to use it's umbrella to serve as your reflector. You should use the umbrella lighting to lit the object (other side of your subject) and not the reflector. You cannot control the light coming from the reflector unlike with the umbrella. The strobe light on the other hand should have an ajdustable feature so that you can control the light going to the face of your subject. You can freely use our umbrella to lit your object.

5. Photography studio for rent should have a white flooring for a seamless experience. StudioMakati's special white flooring is in place to help you produce bright, clear and vivid pictures everytime you click.


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